A Break from Facebook

This past June I took some time off from Facebook.  The site was consuming too much time and always made me feel a bit empty after using it.  So, from June through most of August I was Facebook free.  I’d say it was nice but it wasn’t…the time off was GREAT!

I have no idea how much time I was able to get back but it had to be several hours a week.  And I honestly felt happier than before.  Now I will admit that I have Instagram and when I suspended my Facebook account I started spending a bit more time there, which is also owned by Facebook, but the draw to be on the app was far less.  Instead of checking multiple times a day I’d check once or twice every few days.  And when I was on Instagram the amount of time didn’t even compare to Facebook since I was only browsing photos of friends or organizations I followed and the numbers I follow are far less than the “Friends” I have on Facebook.

But, like so many other good things, the break came to an end.  The choice to reactivate the account was actually uncomfortable because I was afraid I’d go back to wasting time on the site.  The reason for re-activating was simple, my coworkers all message, trade and sell things, and setup work events through Facebook so if I wanted to be apart of the group I’d have to rejoin the social network.  I’m hoping that this will only be a temporary affair or that I’ll use the site sparingly now that I know how nice it is without it.  I hope…but if the hope doesn’t pan out then I may just need to suspend the account again.

Give it a try.  Try suspending your account for a few days, weeks, or months.  See what life is like without it.  You can still use the Messenger app with your account suspended.  And if you have any apps or sites that you login with your Facebook account you can do a “Forgot my password” option and just provide the email address you use for Facebook to get a temporary password.  Go ahead, see what life is like outside the blue of Facebook.