Dealing with multiple HDD and SSDs

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of spinning hard disk drives as well as solid state drives.  The problem has been easily swapping between them when all I had were enclosures.  This year I finally decided to start consolidating the drives and reformatting some of them to be used for backup and went searching for an easy solution to swap the drives.  What I found was the StarTech USB 2.0 to SATA IDE Adapter.  With this adapter I was able to quickly connect and switch between my laptop and desktop sized HDDs and SDDs.  My laptop is a Windows 10 machine and required no extra drivers to be installed.  All that I needed to do was plug in the power adapter and the data cable to the drive, then connect the data cable to the computer and plugin the power adapter.  After that the drives appeared on my computer and I could easily explore the files on them.

So if you are looking for cables to quickly connect SATA IDE drives to your computer via USB then the StarTech USB 2.0 to SATA IDE Adapter is the way to go.  They even have USB 3.0 connectors too for your newer machines.